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Getting in touch with the grandeur of Indian heritage, brass brings out the best in utensils. Our brass products portray commendable craftsmanship and creativity. We have handpicked our brass made products and brought out the best of them for you to take home and experience. The delicacy and the ambiance of the products will make you want to have it all.

BOWL- Our brass bowls come in four different shapes and sizes from being moon shaped to being shaped like a pebble, these bowls can be used however you fancy.

PLATTERS- Manufactured in two different sizes, these platters are delicate to the look and ooze class and taste. Widen the creative range of your brain and use these however you may!

SPOONS- Crafted for a more functional use, these spoons for sure will make your dinner ethic and vibe more appealing. They come in three different sizes including a pasta server, a leaf shaped spoon as well as a salad server. You will fall in love with using them.

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