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Created in Belgium, the brand came into existence because of Katrien Buyle’s interest in interior products and her ability to find beauty in unexpected things. She started the brand A.PUUR.A with a few handmade lamps and cushion covers. She knew exactly what she wanted and did not care about what is trending in the market.


A.PUUR.A expanded when they started to work with some weavers in the villages of Kenya and some small scale artisans from Indonesia who made products having a natural and recycled base. A.PUUR.A as a brand has always been focused on being connected to nature and the hidden gems of the world which made it drift towards the obscure artisans all across the globe. This quality is something that made the company shift its production to India as the country itself has a huge potential in handicrafts and recycled products.


A.PUUR.A is always looking to work with small scale craftsmen and creators in the world to support and encourage their craft. Katrien Buyle took these Indian products to a European market mainly to change the perspective of European buyers towards India and introduce the originality of these products on a wider scale. A.PUUR.A now carries a variety of natural, handmade and recycled interior décor and clothing products which are starting to get popularized at a global scale.

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