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Crafted by Indian artisans working since eight generations or more, our ceramic goods have a very rich background. Going through the wear and tear of the hot ovens, every piece is handmade and hence comes out with a different look which determines its authenticity. Everything which goes into the making of our ceramic range is a unique combination of nature and science working hand in hand to create something mesmerizing. Along with being appealing to the eye, this ceramic range is suitable for functional purposes as it can be used in appliances like microwaves and ovens.

  • PLATES- Our ceramic stoneware plates come in three different colors which include blue, green and black. Along with a variety in color, they also come in four different sizes so that you can have your perfect pick.

  • BOWLS- Our collection of sturdy and stylish bowls comes in three different sizes as well as three colors but we bet you could not resist having your hands on them all!

  • JAR- This small jar has ought to be our most adorable ceramic product. This jar comes in three colors namely blue, white and black.




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